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What is a ij.start.canon printer and their types?

What is a ij.start.canon printer and their types?

What is a ij.start.canon printer and their types?

Canon printer is an electronic device. ij.start.canon printer which receive images or text files from computers. So that converted them into a medium, like a film or paper. They connect directly to a computer or indirectly through networks. So we can classify printing machines into impact printers (in which the medium of printing is physically hit) as well as non-impact printers.

Most impact ij.start.cannon printers are dot-matrix printers. That have several pins in the print head which emerge to create a character. Non-impact printers are classified into three classes. laser printers use laser beams to draw toner onto an area of the paper; inkjet printers spray a stream of liquid ink. Thermal printers transfer ink based on wax or use heated pins to directly prophesy connects directly in images on special paper.

Component of Computer

  • Hardware: I refer to The part of the physical of the computer we can feel and touch as hardware.
  • Input Device: A device that collects input data. Example- Keyboard, Mouse, Microphones, etc.
  • Output devices: the device which is used to output the output. Example- ij.start.canon Printer, Speakers, Monitors, etc.
  • Software A software program is a set of instructions on canon.com/ijsetup that the computer must complete.
  • Application Software: So software that performs tasks required by users like word processing, for instance. Canon.com/ijsetup web browsers.
  • System Software: It’s software that runs hardware on computers and application programs. It includes programs like-Operating Systems, Language Translators, etc.

Qualities of Printers:

  • Coloured printers: Coloured ij.start.cannon printers may print both i.e. black and white, as well as colored. Therefore, colored printers cost more than regular printers.
  • Resolution A printer’s resolution is determined as dpi (dots for every inch). The most expensive printers have resolutions of 600 to 550 DPI.
  • Speed: To print an extensive number of documents, it is essential to use speedy printers. Therefore, speed is a crucial aspect of printers.
  • Memory: Memory is an important element for printers since having sufficient memory will lead to better speed and higher performance.

Type Of Printers

Based on the printing method, besides the standard of the prints produced, Printers come in two main varieties:

Impact Printers

This ij.start.canon printer can work by direct contact using the ribbon of ink. It uses the same mechanism as typewriters.

Examples: Daisy-Wheel Printers, Dot-Matrix Printers, Line Printers.

  • Daisy-Wheel Printers Daisy wheel printing refers to a mechanical printing technique. It’s called daisy-wheel because the mechanism of printing resembles an adolescent flower. Its speed is typically about 25-50 characters per second.
  • Dot-Matrix ij.start.cannon Printers Dot-Matrix printers use Print heads that range from 9 to 24 pins based on the quality of print needed. 24-pin printers offer greater clarity than Dot-matrix printers with 9 pins. More pins result in greater clarity. Most of the time, they are inexpensive and speeds range between 100-550 characters per second.
  • Line Printers Line Printers (also known as line-at-a-time printers). as the name implies, it can print the entire line in one go. Its speed ranges from 1000 to 6000 line-per-minute.

Non-Impact Printers

Non-Impact ij.start.Canon Printers don’t need to touch the ribbon of ink to print documents. Maintaining Non-Impact printers is simpler than Impact ij.start.canon printers.

Example: Inkjet printers and Laser Printers.

Printing with Inkjets 

Canon Printers that use inkjets. and the most widely and extensively used printers in both the domestic and professional settings. so It’s popular because its have many advantages and some drawbacks.


  • Capable of printing high-detail and photo-elastic prints.
  • Small footprints
  • Environment friendly
  • Compact Design
  • Versatile
  • Top Image Quality


  • But expensive per page than laser printers.
  • Less Reliable
  • Slow printing speed

Laser printers 

Xerox invented the Laser printer in the 1960s. Most laser printers use lights, photoreceptor belts along with photosensitive drums. When printing. it scans the pages line-by-line. The most popular writing method is using black and white lasers that print content using black and white text.


  • More cost-effective as inkjet printers.
  • High-speed printing.
  • Expandable with paper tray and finishes.
  • High-capacity paper.


  • Big footprints.
  • Use of high voltage.

LED Printers 

So ij.start.canon LED Printers are very like Laser Printers. but it employs LED instead of laser to produce images or pictures. But regard LED printers are more reliable and efficient as compared to laser printers.


  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Therefore affordable than laser printers.

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