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Ways For IJ Start Canon TR4500 Setup.

3 Methods for Canon TR4500 Setup

Canon printers, generally can be configured in various ways. In this case, for instance, you could use the standard method to setup ij start canon by using the USB cable or choose the wireless options offered.

Technology is constantly improving and has brought about a variety of smart features for printers that are smart like this. In this guide we’ll walk you through the best ways to set up Canon TR4500 printer just like professional.

Choose one of these three ways to configure your ij.start.canon printer and computer. Once you have it set up, you can start scanning, printing and sending documents to fax.

Below, we will go over these techniques using a guideline to set up the Canon TR4500 Printer.

Method 1: Canon TR4500 Setup via USB Port

In this manner you will be able how to set up Canon TR4500 printer using USB port. In order to do that, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website of the canon.com/ijsetup printer manufacturer and download driver for compatible printers.
  • Install the driver for your printer on your PC.
  • Then, select then the “Devices & Printer” option on your system. Next, select your printer’s choice from the drop-down menu.
  • Devices and Printers – Canon printing setup pixma printer tr4500
  • Choose the connection method once it appears in the following window.
  • You can select “USB”. Select the “USB” connection option and hit “OK” button.
  • Connect to the USB cable with your printer and you will be able to use Canon TR4500 Setup.
  • After that, switch on your printer and just wait for it to be connected.
  • After that, you are able to test the print screen’s display. To do this, click “Start” and test the prints.

This is the process that will show you “how to set up Canon Pixma TR4500” with the USB port. But, the majority of users will not have an USB cable at specific time. In this scenario, you’ll need to choose the wireless alternative. We will discuss it in the next step.

Method 2: Canon TR4500 Wireless Setup

To use an ij.start.canon setup for Canon TR4500 you are able to connect your printer to your computer wirelessly. All you need to do is select the Wi-Fi option this time and then launch the print drivers to set up the printer. Follow the steps below to learn the best method to setup Canon’s Pixma TR4500 Wirelessly.

  • On the Canon printer, and then hit on the “Menu” or “Wireless” button. It is possible to hold it for three seconds.
  • Check that Wi-Fi is turned on for the Canon printer. Then, access your computer to complete your Canon TR4500 Wireless configuration.
  • On the website of the manufacturer visit the manufacturer’s website, download compatible driver files and then run them on your PC.
  • Then then, select “Next” on the “Start Setup” screen.
  • Enter your “Username & Password” on the next screen.
  • Choose “Start Setup” and click on the “Start Setup” option and select “Next “Next” button.
  • Select “Region “Region” and click on the “Agree in the Information Request” screen.
  • Choose “Yes,” or click on the “Yes” option on the “Check Connection Method” screen.
  • If the pop-up window appears then click on “Allow” when the pop-up appears.
  • You can now add your printer to your list of printers and then try your print page.

Once you have completed these steps, you’ll be capable of establishing connections between the devices by using Wi-Fi. You can then print, scan, or complete other tasks with your printer.

Method 3: Canon Printer Setup TR4500 via LAN Connection

The third method that is the best in the third best method Canon printer setup, the Pixma TR4500 could connect your printer to a LAN. With Wireless Direct Wireless Direct option, you can connect your printer wirelessly to your computer. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Check that your ij.start.cannon printer is on. After that, press the “Setup” button on the” Operation panel”.
  • Select “Device Settings” “Device Settings” option.
  • Choose “LAN Settings” “LAN Settings” option.
  • Click on “Wireless Direct” to open “Wireless Direct” option.
  • Select “OK” “OK” button.
  • Choose “Switch WL Direct” on the next screen.
  • After that, tap “Done” and then click on the “Done” and “OK” button.
  • Then, restart your device and then enable your device to enable the “Canon TR4500 Wi-Fi” setup.
  • Choose the printer that has the title of “DIRECT”.
  • After that, enter your proper credentials when you are asked.
  • When you do this, it allows you to establish connections between your Canon printing device and the computer using a LAN connection.

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Print

Print envelopes, documents as well as photos using the ij.start.cannon Tr4500 printer. For printing on your computer, install the appropriate program on your computer.

How To Print on IJ Start Canon TR4500?

  • The front lid is gently lowered and then pull the cassette out until it comes to a stop.
  • The paper width guides slide toward both extreme ends, and then load the papers into it.
  • Make adjustments according to the paper’s size.
  • Insert the cassette to its Canon TR4500 Setup and the Paper Information screen is displayed on the screen.
  • Click the left and right arrows to select the size and the type.
  • Click the password input field and enter your password.
  • Press OK on the keyboard on screen and then tap OK on the screen.
  • Now, connect to your computer and install the Canon Pixma T4500 Setup driver.
  • Start your Pixma driver installer and follow the appropriate prompts for each screen.
  • On the screen for connecting choose ‘wireless’, then follow the prompts.
  • Once installing the Canon Pixma driver is installed You can print your documents on your PC wirelessly.

How To Add Copying Job in Canon TR4500?

  • Make sure to keep the ij.start.canon Tr4500 printer running.
  • Request the originals be printed and copied.
  • Get rid of all staples and clips on the paper.
  • The original documents should be placed on the platen.
  • A message screen appears with the words Color Copying [Start] Scan Next Page is displayed.
  • You can choose to press Black or Color to obtain copies.
  • Remove the printed sheets from an output tray in the Canon TR4500 Setup.

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