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How to install drivers for ij.start.canon pixma printer TS307 in windows 7

dowload & install ij.start.canon printer drivers in windows 7

ij.start.canon PIXMA TX307 Printer Drivers and Software Downloads – Do you have issues with your Canon PIXMA Ts307 Driver? You aren’t able to connect to your computer or laptop for the second time. You can download the latest driver for your ij.start.cannon PIXMA TX307 here quickly and swiftly. All-Driver gives you access to the ij.start.cannon PIXMA printer drivers for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Win 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit 64bit), Mac OS, and Linux.


ij.strat.canon PIXMA TX307 is one of Canon’s most popular printers, which showcases the appeal that they can connect it to car devices like tablets or smartphones. The capability to print documents wirelessly is not uncommon, but it’s not just that ij.start.cannon PIXMA TS307 printer can deliver prints that are of professional quality. Prints are sharp, vibrant and clean. They are also splash-proof.


  • Bargaining cost for multi-functional ij.start.canon printer class IDR 693,000
  • Full features and Wi-Fi capabilities can be printed from tablets or smartphones using the canon.com/ijsetup PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application.
  • In the section of photos below, we have attached an interface panel for the printer TS307 that is very complete.
  • Inkjet printing is extremely economical.
  • At the top are lines that can put documents perpendicularly prior to scanning using an application or taking a photo manually.


  • The default cartridge uses two versions: PG745S, and CL746S basic versions. If you use it for a significant amount of printing, you’ll be able to run out of cartridges quickly. The cost of the cartridge is quite costly for this printer’s friend of mine.
  • Mechanical models such as these are typically susceptible to flooding to the left, especially if they are infused incorrectly, which results in spills of ink.
  • Modifications to the infusion should make use of a dumper for ink storage to minimize the risk of flooding.

Specifications of PIXMA TS307 Printer

  • Below are the details for the ij.start.canon PIXMA-TS307 Canon printer:
  • ij.start.canon Print Speed: 4 IPM Black / 7.7ipm Colour.
  • Connectivity: USB + Wi-Fi
  • Product Weight: 2.9kg
  • Network Device: Network Protocol: TCP / IP
  • Effective Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Max Paper Size: A4
  • Platform: Color Inkjet
  • Connectivity: USB, Wireless

How to Install Printer ij.start.canon TS307 on Windows 7?

A few examples of instances of not being able to install the driver ij.start.cannon TS307 for Windows 7, one of which is when you run Setup in the very first instance. When you first start it, there is a message on the screen which reads ” This program is not compatible with the current operating system.” Installed on the current operating system ” so the laptop/computer cannot keep installing the software. To overcome this issue, you must follow the driver’s steps.

  • Make sure that your laptop / computer is connected Internet and then download canon.com/ijsetup Driver TS307 Windows 7
  • After downloading, install the driver and wait until it’s done
  • If you wish to make use of the Wi-Fi connection in order. Print directly from your laptop or smartphone without a USB cable. When choosing the port for connection, choose “Print with a wireless LAN connection” then continue with the driver installation process until it’s completed.
  • To verify that the TS307 driver for printing is properly installed and able to be used, you can try an experiment with printing using the Control Panel menu > Devices and Printers > Right-click on the Printer Name and choose Printer Properties. Then click “Print Test Page.
  • If the printer is successful, then they have installed correctly the device.

How To Fix ij.start.cannon PIXMA TS307 Printer Drivers Problems?

If you’re ij.start.cannon PIXMA Windows has not recognized the TS307 Printer Driver 10, it’s possible that the driver from the PIXMA the TS307 Printer is out of date or damaged. This is a common occurrence, even because of viruses. If the PIXMA TS307 Printer Driver is outdated or damaged, please download the latest PIXMA TS307 Printer Driver at All-Printerdrivers.com or you can visit the Official Canon website.

If you think that your installed driver for your ij.start.canon Printer Driver is the most recent version, then please go for updates on the Official canon.com/ijsetup website and check it against the Driver that you are using. You can check your ij.start.canon PIXMA Printer Driver version in the Device Manager by clicking on Right-click > This PC and then Device Manager and then examining the Printer Driver details in the list of available.


If the ij.start.cannon Printer Driver you have installed is in error, uninstall the Printer Driver previously installed. After that, you can reinstall the Driver for your Printer.

We thank you for downloading our PIXMA Ts307 ij.start.canon Printer Driver. There are many professional alternative websites that offer printer drivers for all models, including Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung, and others. If you discover an error on the link to download above, we would like you to inform us about it in the comments here. You can download all driver downloads on the Official Canon site.

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