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How to install Canon Printers


To install Canon printers, you can follow the instructions provided on the Canon Support page.

The page offers step-by-step guidelines on how to download drivers and software for your printer or scanner. It also provides exceptions for Mac users.

Once you have downloaded the necessary drivers and software, you can proceed with the installation process. If you face any issues during the installation or require additional support, you can access Canon’s support pages for consumer, pro, and business products.

You can also create or log in to your Canon Account or visit the Canon Community for support. Another option is to contact Canon Professional Services (CPS) at 1-888-277-4540

You can visit ij.start.cannon website for best Canon support. ij.start.cannon offers the services for Canon Printers. Canon printers can used for a variety of purposes. For example, printing, scanning, and copying are just a few of the possibilities available. This site also includes online product manuals, configuration, and download instructions for printers and scanners. In which each ij.start.canon necessitates the availability of specific drivers for specific artificial and unique codes. A new user can learn the way to use via going to ij.start.canon. In this post, you will get to know about canon.com/ijsetup below

How to install a Canon printer driver in Windows 10?

To learn how to connect a Canon Wireless printer to a computer, follow the instructions below:

  1. Switch On Printer Firstly, switch on your printer.
    • Then, on the screen of the printer.
  2. Dashboard• Now, go to the dashboard.
    • Then, press the settings Option.
  3. Wireless LAN Configure• Now, look at the wireless LAN option.
    • Then, hit Ok.
    • Now, pause the screening process.
    • Then, Use the scroll down.
    • When you see the setup option on the monitor.
    • Then, hit Ok.
  4. Cableless Setup• Now find the cableless structure.
    • Then, hit ok.
    • Now on your panel, you will get the instructions.
  5. Activate Canon Driver• Then, on either side, turn on the windows.
    • Now, activate Canon Drivers.  
  6. Add device • Then, select add device options.
    • Now, the driver will search the nearest device network.
    • Now, choose the Canon Device printer name and Add it.
    • The wireless Printer is now connected.

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