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How do I install  ij.start.canon printer on my computer and mac without the CD

How do I install  ij.start.canon printer on my computer and mac without the CD

How to install ij.start.canon printer on window and mac without CD

The process of installing a new ij.start.canon printer is not an easy job. In most instances you will need to download the instructions for installation from the site of the printer manufacturer and follow the step-by step instructions.

These days, many printers are sold with a CD with all the required instructions for installing the printer onto your Windows-based PC.

Here’s the issue Your computer isn’t able to support CDs or the disc is damaged by scratches.

But I’ve given you a few easy ways to install your ij.start.cannon printer, without using the CD that came with your printer.

ij.start.canon printer On Windows

If you’ve bought an entirely new ij.start.canon printer, and it was shipped without a disc with the drivers you need to set up your printer, you’ll be able to install it with no CD.

There’s a variety of printers available and the steps below may differ slightly based on the printer you bought.

  • To start you must connect your ij.start.cannon  printer using an USB connection to your PC or other device.
  • If you’ve purchased wireless printers, make sure that it is connected to the Wi-Fi router prior to connecting to your computer via the USB.
  • Certain printers don’t have the USB connector available on the device, which means it is not possible to connect them directly on your laptop. To solve this issue, you must install the software using downloading the site of the printer’s manufacturer. This is because the driver enables the full capabilities of the printer with a basic PC for home use.
  • Attach the printer a source of power then press power to switch it on. When the printer is switched on, it will take some time to get some time following the initial boot.

ij.start.canon printer On Mac

The procedure for connecting to settings and configuring your printer is different depending on the setup you choose Be sure to follow the instructions on available at canon.com/ijsetup setting up included with your ij.start.canon printer.

Note before investing time into printer installation it is important to ensure that your printer is compatible with Mac since all printers work with Mac operating system.

You might require an USB adapter for this process since the latest Mac computers do not come with traditional USB ports.

They have small USB-C ports. Therefore, you might require an USB converter to USB-C to joining USB USB directly to your Mac.

  • Connect the ij.start.cannon printer’s USB via Mac USB port available on the side for laptops, and back of the iMac (desktop). Connect the adapter to USB-C port on Mac and connect printer’s cable to adapter.
  • Switch on the printer using the power button.
  • Install the ij.start.canon printer when you are promoted. Mac will recognize it as a printer. A prompt to update will appear on your Mac in the event that you’ve not installed the printer.
  • Then follow the installation procedure on screen. Then you’ll be able use the printer.

Wireless Printer Connection without cd on Mac

These steps will guide you through the installation of Canon printer without CD on Mac. Canon printing device without CDs on Mac.

  • In the first instance, go to ij.start.canon Driver Downloads Website (Canon Printer Installer) and then enter your printer’s serial number onto the page. Then, click on “Drivers & Download” option and choose continue.
  • The next screen will ask for your username and password, enter your password in order to allow this tool for installation. After that, select the “Install” option.
  • Then, on the screen that follows click “Next”.
  • On the next page of canon.com/ijsetup, you will require you to choose the kind for connection that you want to use between USB and wireless connections. Choose “Wireless connection” from the two options.
  • Next screen will prompt you to choose the kind that connects you to USB or wireless connection.
  • This is the time to ensure that the power light is on before hitting “Next” button.
  • Next, select “Connect to the Network”.
  • After you see the “Connection through cableless “screen appears, press the ij.start.cannon printer’s WiFi button until the light flashes two times. After that, release the button following another flash.
  • Check that the blue wifi light flashes rapidly while the power light in green is illuminated. Click “Next”.
  • The next screen chooses your current location and click “Next”.
  • Simply click “Yes” to agree to close this user’s license the next screen.
  • Select “Add a printer” from the next screen.
  • canon.com/ijsetup On to the screen that follows, choose the ij.start.cannon driver model and then click “Add”.
  • Then, as the last step you must hit “Next ” to finish the set-up procedure!

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